27/10/2016 This Band Is On Hiatus


For anyone that might be interested and still checks this blog...
Gutter are put on ice.
In this time in our lives we can't continue this band, so we decided to take some time off.
It might be more, it might be less. Who knows.
Thanks to everybody that helped us, danced to our music, argued with us and met us because of that effort.
See you again, or not.
We used to end our sets with this one
*We still have records left, for any orders, contact us in our email.. Cheers!

Gutter Out... //

28/05/2016 Live in Prokat 35, Patras, Greece

12/03/2016 Rixe, Gutter, Χωρίς Οίκτο Live at Idrima 2.14, Athens, Greece

We will have available our new  Split 7'' release!!

03/09/15 Maximum R'n'R Interview and New Split 7'' Soon!

Hello Folks!

Not much activity these last months, we've been busy with stuff and our other bands.
But we found some time to record 3 tracks for a split 7'' with Χωρίς Οίκτο, a new band, consisted by old friends! Hopefully it will be out before the end of this year!
Writing new material is the plan for the next few months, probably for an LP.

In other news, we had an interview in the September 2015 issue of Maximum Rock'n'Roll.
Get the issue and check it out!

.Gutter // September 2015

03/03/15 Solidarity Gig This Saturday!

08/01/15 Happy New Year! And Prapopoulou Squat Gig This Friday

Happy New Year People!

This is the first post for 2015!
We are excited to play tomorrow night in Prapopoulou Squat for it's 8 years in existence!
With Hard Skin (UK) and Gay Anniversary.
Here is the Poster:

Gutter // January 2015

04/12/2014 Solidarity with Nikos Romanos

First of all we would like to express our solidarity with Nikos Romanos who is on a hunger strike and fights for his basic right to study in the university during his imprisonment. Don't forget the struggle!

More info here

Now as a band we've been on hold the last couple of weeks after our last gig. Next week we are starting rehearsals again, to write new material for an upcoming release, most probably a 7'' EP again.

Lastly here is a review of our self titled EP on Maximum R'n'R

Gutter // December 2014

** Late Post Update: Nikos Romanos stopped the hunger strike on Wednesday (10/12/2014), after winning his right to study with a wristband.