29/05/2013 Gutter - Dirty Wombs 12'' Split LP

Long time no see!
We are excited to announce that after a ton of obstacles and pure bad luck,
we are gonna get our hands on the vinyl pressings of our split with Dirty Wombs in the next few days! Till then you can stream our side on our Bandcamp page, or download the whole damn thing here.

Thanks to our brothers Dirty Wombs, Anastasia, Jerboa, Darek and Scarecrow Records, Makis and Screaming Victims Records, Artur and No Sanctuary Records and Kostas K. for all their help and support!!

Lastly, unfortunately our good friend and bassist Bak won't be playing with us anymore for personal reasons. We wish him all the best!
We will continue as a 4-piece unit, like in the beginning and demo era of the band.