10/09/2014 Self Titled 7inch *OUT NOW*

Hello People!

We've just released our debut self-titled 7inch!
5 songs of Old-school Hardcore Punk!
Self-released by the band.

You can stream it here: https://gutterhxc.bandcamp.com/

For Orders/Wholesale: gutterhxc@gmail.com

Take Care,
Gutter // September 2014

* We still have copies of the Maximum R'n'R Compilation - Sound the Alarms!!
** Sorry, but no trades at the moment.

10/06/2014 Live in Prapopoulou Squat


One of our songs from the upcoming EP is already up in our bandcamp page a few weeks now.

We had a great time in Salonica, thanks to the Biologica Crew
Cheers to Xamos,Dyspnea and The Underdogs,
and to D. for his never ending hospitality!

Our next stop is in Prapopoulou squat this Friday and Saturday! Cu there!

Gutter // June 2014

19/05/2014 Gig in Salonica And Upcoming 7''


It's been quiet for months in here.
We play a gig in Salonica for the first time this Friday!

Also, in the beginning of the year we recorded 5 new songs for our debut self-titled EP.
The mastering has been finished, and in the next days it'll be sent to the vinyl factory.
We will unleash a preview song on the internet soon... See ya!

Gutter// May 2014

19/12/13 One Year After The Police Raid In Villa Amalias Squat

Never Forget... Fight Back!



Gutter//Squat The World

18/11/2013 Live in Patra this Saturday

Hey friends,
 This Saturday, after one year since our last live in Patra, we are heading back for a gig full of friends, in Prokat_35, with Dirty WombsConspiracy of Denial, Lifewreck and Ήλιος Θανάτου.


12/10/2013 Live Tonight! Solidarity With Imprisoned Comrades


Last gig on the 2-day Kallidromiou festival went great! Lots of  familiar faces! Thanks to all the kids that played, helped and showed up.. So tonight we are playing a gig for a good cause... See you there!

Gutter // Another late post on the blog

26/09/2013 Smash The Neonazis

Long time,but nothing posted here. 
On Saturday we are playing in the renovated basement of Kallidromiou 94. It's gonna be the second day of a 2-day fest with local bands. Be there early.

As for life in Greece, things just get worse and worse... 
On 18 of September 2013, an antifascist was murdered in the streets of Athens by a neonazi of Golden Dawn, with police unwilling to intervene at the right time.
R.I.P. Pavlos Fussas (aka Killah P). 
Smash The Neonazi Scum.

Gutter // September 2013