25/09/2012 News and Live Date

After taking a summer break, the last few weeks we are back on track. Rehearsing and composing new songs for upcoming releases.

Next live stop is Matsagou Squat in Volos in the 2nd DIY Hardcore/Punk Festival on 26 and 27/10.

In the meanwhile we are to participate with our song "Antidotes" in a Hardcore Compilation through Imminent Destruction Records alongside with a bunch of great bands.
Dirty Wombs (Brothers from Patra, Greece)
Homicide (Brazil)
Sex Dwarf (Sweden)
Napalm Raid (Canada)
Frenzy (USA)
Selvforakt (Norway / Brazil)
Raw Hate (Sweden)
Warvictims (Sweden)
Scrumpy SS (UK)
Strange Factory (Japan)
Infernoh (Sweden)
Violent Party (USA) 
Leprosy (Australia)
Vaarillinen (Singapore)
Kylma Sota (Finland)
Sistemas de Aniquilacion (Peru)
Rappa (Japan)
Corbata (Japan)
Proxy (Canada)

Thanks goes to Phil for setting this up.

Also Maximum RocknRoll did a review to our demo, here it is